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"Using Marc Publishing's lists, we dominated with a 5.3% return rate. The highest ROI we have ever received from any list we have ever used. 

                       Fred Catona Owner.. BullDozer Marketing 

Marcpubs Brand New Movers are 4 to 5 weeks AHEAD of SalesGenie & other similar products we have tried,


Insurance Lead Lists: P&C, Health & FE

Brand New Movers

Brand New Businesses

Email Appending & Email Lists

Ethnic Telemarketing Lists

Telephone Appending

Power Dialers & Lists

Industry Specific Targeted Lists

Home Improvement Co's (Windows, Roofing)

Insurance Lead Lists: P&C, Health & FE

Realtors and Real Estate Lists
Home Security & Water Purification Lead Lists
Energy Lead Lists & Solar lead Lists
Fund Raising, Religious Orgs, Voters


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100"s of Satisfied Clients Such as (& more)

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Telemarketing Lists, Direct Mailing Lists & Printing

Email Marketing & Append missing information

Industry Lists & Specialty Lists ......Since 1992


Why should you talk to us?

Because ROI matters...

We precisely build a targeted list of fresh prospects based on your criteria.

Out lists are processed and delivered at the time of your order so you benefit from the freshest possible data. We update our data every 30 days or sooner. Some of out lists are updated nightly. Do you get ROI from cheap/free list data? No.. you get exactly what you pay for.

We take the time to listen to you & learn about your goals & budget.

From there we develope the proper target demographics, lifestyle behavior or 400 other segments matters greatly when building a marketing database. MarcPub can deliver a highly targeted prospect list for telemarketing, Email List or a direct mail list.

  • Our Telemarketing Lists are updated every 30 days

  • Our Direct Mail Lists are 98%+  deliverable

  • Purchase Email List data that is 92% or better to the Inbox

  • Brand New Movers are as new as 24 hours new

Lists Built for your industry ..


Home improvement


Solar & Energy

Call Centers



        I need a telemarketing List

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Email Append and Phone Appending

Enhance your marketing efforts by sending us your consumer lists for an Email Append and or Phone Append. We can Add permission-based and highly deliverable consumer email addresses to your customer lists.  If you need phone numbers added to your in house files we can append telephones and deliver back to you within 24 - 48 hours. Demographic information can be appended as well such as Age, Income and much more.

Targeting by ANY geography

Our geographic targeting is as broad as states or it can be pinpointed by neighborhood, radius, Storm Path, Custom map or a simple as City or Zipcode.



Our Sources are most every public databases such as County Courthouse & Tax Records Census Data, Credit Sources Telephone Directories, web sites, Cross Reference Directories Survey Data, Mail Order Buyers, Magazine Subscribers & More. Our Lists are fresh as possible, Every 4 weeks we add in new move-in listings to the database & update those that have moved out. We use the latest US postal Software to keep our mail deliverability at least 97%.

  • Lists by Ethnicity , Ethnic Lists & Country of origin.

  • Email Appending & Telephone Appending

  • Purchase email lists and 3rd party email lists

  • Brand New Businesses & Brand New Residences .. 24 hours new

Targeted & Specific. Let us pinpoint your prospects. We customize each list using your criteria & geography. Updating is done every 4 weeks and accuracy is guaranteed. You will not find a more responsive list for your marketing efforts or your clients.


Need a targeted mailing list for your postcard campaign? If you do not already have an address list for your message, then you can buy or rent an mailing name & address list from us. We maintain a current and up to date database of all residences or business, either existing or brand new movers..


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