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Why Data Append? What is Data Appending?

Data appending is the act of adding data. A big challenge for many businesses is keeping up with the transactions of their customers. It is important to know everything possible about customers to market the brand effectively. Businesses collect a great deal of information. The big concern is if their information is correct. Both email and data appending have their proper place in the world and can lead to more robust leads lists and data lists.

Email Appending and Data Enrichment

Email appending seeks to add valid email and contact information to a database. Contact discrepancies include having an email address without a first and last name, or physical address. This also includes outdated or old email addresses, email addresses now dormant, and contacts that do not respond to an email address on file.

Data Appending Services

With data appending, you can add new information about a subscriber or existing customer such as adding thier correct and current email address or adding a mobile phone or regular phone number or enriching by adding intelligent demographics. Your company will also be able to design new marketing programs that reach customers at relevant times in a new way or marketing channel. You can also increase the power of your marketing campaign engagements, and improve your data’s value and relevancy.

At Marc Publishing, we offer data appendn data enrichment and customer cloning services for clients that already have a reservoir of existing sales data. We can take that data and turn it into gold. Data can be utilized best when it offers a complete picture. We can also clone your ideal customer and find thousand more prospects just like them.

Companies already possess valuable information like internal customer lists. As mentioned, the problem with this data is that it can become inaccurate over time. People move and change email address and telephone numbers etc. They, literally, can drop off the grid with respect to their information on file. At Marc Publishing, we focus on weeding out conflicting, unorganized, and incorrect data from our client’s business. Data Hygiene is critical.

We serve Bucks County, Montgomery County, and Philadelphia and the entire USA & Canada. Partner with us today to learn more about our data appending services and how we can help you make sense of your data lists and leverage them in the most beneficial ways possible.


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My telemarketing business just opened a new branch near Lafayette Hill and we were in need of leads to get off to a good start.  We called John at MarcPub and he was able to get us a good list of leads very quickly.  Couldn't be happier with the results!

Janet Thompson May 23, 2017

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John was great to speak with over the phone and really knows his stuff!  He was able to get our list to us faster than estimated, and we have since turned a large number of those leads into sales!  If anybody is in the Lafayette Hill that needs a list, give MarcPub a call!

Andrew Prow February 2, 2017

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