Use Our Data Append and Customer Cloning Services …ONLY IF…

You need more customers and more prospects just like your existing clients & customers.

  • You Already Have a Mine full of Existing Sales Data, Let us Enhance that into GOLD.
  • When We Add Our Intelligent Elements to Your Data We Build the Complete Picture.
  • We “Clone” Your Customer and FIND Thousands (or more) Prospects in your Area..
  • Costs as low as .03¢  Call to Receive 20% OFF & Free Match Report 800-432-5478.
  • Let us Reverse append to add to your data: Emails, Phone Numbers, Demographics & more.
  • Let Us Reverse Engineer Your Customers, To Find More Look-a-Like Prospects Today.

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Marcpub Data Appending Services:

Data Append services for your customer or marketing data are now a  necessary tactic for future growth. Data Appending intelligent attributes develops a more complete picture which reveals new ways to reach your clients and new ways to reach prospects similar to your clients.

This is ideal for start-ups or large enterprise companies who need to maximize their market spend. Contact us to get pricing for our data appending service or call us directly at 610-834-8585. Whether its  10,000 or 10 million records, we can turn around an append job quickly.


Data Append Benefits:

  • Append Emails to any B2B or B2C list you have.
  • Append missing phone numbers ( Regular or Mobile).
  • Add Demographic & Lifestyle data.
  • Get the Complete Picture.. Increase your ROI.
  • REVERSE Engineer you customer data for more Look-A-Like Prospects in your area.

REVERSE ENGINEER to find Look-A-Like Prospects with Data Appending.

Let us define the attributes of your existing customers for a more clear picture of who they are. We can then acquire more prospects in your marketing area most like your best customers.  Live or work in Philadelphia, Bucks, or Montgomery counties?  We can help!

Now you are growing! Call 610-834-8585.

What is Data Appending?

We take extraordinary measures to merge databases and information together so you can have more ways to contact your clients. Together your data, with MarcPub’s append service for business. We can pair up your consumer contact information that you already own. With that extra contact information. You can close more deals.

Need Data Appending?

You have an address but you don’t have their phone or their email. Imagine if you had it though. You could touch base with your prospect on the phone, leave a message. Send them an email and drop them an offer on some printed advertising right to their home. With a strong call to action. Remember 67% of transactions happen in the follow-up.

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